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QR River’s platform works with existing QR codes or can get you started out right if you are new to QR codes.

Our unique process is soup-to-nuts whether you want to use (or improve) our sample forms; have us get your forms online; or even if you already have an online link.

Timing & simplicity are everything when it comes to getting people to fill out forms. We will help you get the right information in front of the right people at the right time.

Feedback Forms

See through the noise of the few loud opinionated members by seeing what’s important.

Signups & Registration

Capture more form completions with QR codes placed right where your customers are when you want them to sign up.

Sales, Payments & More...

Take advantage of advanced features that can capture sales leads, take payments, simplify wifi info, and more …  

Why QR River?

You control where the code takes your customers/users without ever having to reprint and redistribute them.  Before QR River, you would have to have separate unique codes for each thing you want to show. We were born from the simple concept of needing more from traditional QR Codes, get more without having multiple codes and we take it a step further to unlock all of the features of the phone.

QR codes are the most important vehicle to drive more customer interactions without increasing staff.

In 2022, 86.66% of smartphone users had scanned a QR Code at least once in their lifetime. And 36.40 % scanned at least one QR Code a week. 


People who've scanned 1 QR code in their lifetime


People who scan at least 1 QR code per week

Featured Case Studies

Here are a few examples of QR codes gone wrong.  QR Codes should be a frictionless experience that simply guide your customers to the next step.  QR River codes are future proof and can be reused for new content in the future, or we can generate new codes for you. Reprinting and redistributing codes is expensive and results in time lost.

Have a single QR code that loads multiple options.  Presenting too many codes is confusing to customers and make them less likely to scan.

Trying to put a long URL into a QR code makes the black blocks in the code smaller, and therefore harder to scan and more expensive to print.

Make sure to to include some logo or branding so customers trust what they are scanning and so they know exactly what to expect after scanning.

QR Form Examples

We’ll walk you through how to get started with our sample forms, how to build your own, or simply upload to us what’s worked for you in the past and we’ll get it online for you.

  • Customer Feedback
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Event Registration
  • Online Payments & Orders
  • Account Signup
  • Leads and Sales


A 7-day risk-free trial is included with each plan.  We’ll walk you through every step.  If you have any questions at any point, simply hit the chat bubble and we’ll reply immediately.

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